There is often hormonal imbalance in diabetes.  Diabetes results in lack or excess of the hormone insulin in the bloodstream, excess of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream, and other imbalances of catabolic hormones (breakdown tissues more then normal).  The anabolic hormones (growth stimulating) that balance catabolic hormones are usually depleted by excess cortisol and important pathways for anabolic hormones are often not available when insulin is in excess.  Thus, diabetes leads to dominant catabolic hormones and inhibited anabolic hormones in the bloodstream.  This is great strain to the body.

Hormones run your body and imbalance in them will create negative influences.  Therefore creating hormonal balance will aid in optimizing hormonal transport, proper physiology, manufacture of hormones, and many other effects that help run your body properly.  One method used by modern science to create hormonal balance is called hormonal replacement therapy, replacing hormones to the lowest, optimal, youthful levels.

The newest ideas of hormonal replacement are to replace hormones in combinations that support and balance each other.  For decades, replacing single hormones by themselves has often been the method used.  However, when you change one hormone, others are affected.  For decades, this idea of multi-effects on other hormones, from single hormone replacement, has not been well understood by the modern medical establishment.  In other words, changing levels of one hormone leads to effects on other hormones, which can lead to imbalances.  So the newest ideas are to replace hormones in combinations to maintain balance.  

You need the latest ideas to benefit from the advances of endocrinology.  We recommend the doctors from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, called A-4 doctors.  They are cutting edge on hormonal sciences and are tested in order to become A-4 certified.  The national number is 773-528-4333.

The idea is the important controlling hormones, mainly DHEA, (a steroid and sex hormone precursor) melatonin, growth hormone, testosterone in men and estrogen in women, cortisol, and thyroid are all re-balanced in combination with each other and with any other hormones that are replaced.  If you let an A-4 doctor or other hormonal doctor, familiar with balancing hormones in combination, restore all of these hormones to balance, then you will begin to counterbalance the great hormonal imbalance of diabetes.

However, when you replace hormones one at a time, this may imbalance your other hormones, leading to grave problems.  Therefore find a hormonal specialist that understands the value of balancing all of the controlling hormones in combination.  Balancing the master, controlling hormones can counterbalance the negative hormonal effects from diabetes.  This will aid diabetics.

In conclusion, one great problem of diabetes is hormonal imbalance.  One method to restore hormonal balance is to balance the controlling hormones in the body.  The method of replacing hormones should be in combinations of all the controlling hormones.  Replacing hormones one at a time may lead to further imbalance, thus use only hormone specialists that understand the value of balancing all of the master, controlling hormones. 

Good luck to all.

Note – In order for these nutritional ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, “almost all supplement companies produce poor quality.”  You can consider the product page of this web site. All the products met Dr. Bob’s approval.  Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards on new products.   


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