As we age, especially after age 35 years, many hormone levels in the body decline.  Hormones are chemical messengers that run the body.  When hormone levels decline, this leads to less efficiency.  Less efficiency leads to declining function.  Declining function can eventually lead to change in form and function, which can result in degeneration, disease, aging, and breakdown.  Many women decide to restore the sexual hormone estrogen, when they find their estrogen levels are declining.

Women usually have 2 choices for estrogen replacement therapy.  They can choose an oral or transdermal (creams) method.  The liver can use estrogens for hepatic enzymes.  This means the liver can metabolize estrogens into other substances, in this case enzymes the liver produces.  Harper's Biochemistry says, "rodents have such active metabolizing enzyme systems that estrogens are almost completely metabolized by the liver and thus are essentially without activity when given orally.  These enzyme systems are less active in primates, so that oral estrogens are more effective.  (Ref. Robert K. Murray, MD, Ph.D., Daryl K. Granmer, MD, Peter A. Mayes, Ph.D., D.Sc., Victor W. Fodwell, Ph.D., Harper’s Biochemistry, 25th Edition,.  Appleton & Lance, Stanford, Connecticut, 2000)."  So oral estrogens are effective, but to some degree their effectiveness is diminished by the liver metabolizing them after you swallow them.

On the other hand, transdermal estrogens enter the bloodstream, bypassing the liver.  Although it has not yet been proven, transdermal estrogens that get into the bloodstream immediately, versus estrogens that must pass through the liver first, will probably be more effective in achieving their effects then oral estrogens.

One more point is there are natural estrogen replacement therapies, called Triest formula, which mimics the 3 natural estrogens in women, estriol, estrone, and estradiol.  Most synthetic oral estrogens are made from horse's urine and horse's estrogens.  Horses have 5 estrogens and female humans have 3 estrogens.  The horse's urine and extra horse's estrogens will be stress to the body.  If you use the natural Triest formulas, you will be avoiding this extra stress that horse's substances can produce.

In conclusion, it seems possible that science will eventually prove that transdermal estrogen therapies are more effective than oral therapies.  Therefore consider using transdermal estrogens for restoring estrogen levels.  Also, investigate Triest formulas, which try and mimic the body's own estrogen levels.  After the doctor gives you an estrogen prescription, if he does not offer you a pharmacy that can provide Triest, then check out the listing on this web site, "Compounding Pharmacies," located on the site directory.  You can send your prescription to the compounding pharmacies listed, to order Triest formulas.  Lastly, consider your options of using synthetic estrogens that stress the body by using horse's estrogens and urine, or consider natural estrogen replacement therapies such as Triest, which will be less stressful on the body.

Note – Estrogen pellets mimic estrogen creams by entering the bloodstream and bypassing the liver.  However, their effectiveness in the United States has not yet been proven for stable and appropriate estrogen effects.

Note – In order for these anti-aging ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, "almost all supplement companies produce poor quality." You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


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