Irritable bowel symptoms can be painful.  There are not many methods available to help alleviate irritable bowel symptoms.  The main current treatments are the use of steroids.  They can be helpful, but their usefulness is often limited.  Steroids can lead to side effects and can suppress the immune system.  These limitations often lead to a decreased ability to use steroids in the treatment of irritable bowel symptoms.

Dr. Bob was a MD internal medicine, orthomolecular doctor, MD psychiatrist, chiropractor, and healer 65 years.  He was a diabetic who lived to 108 years with only 1 side effect 2 years before he passed away.  Dr. Bob practiced a system of medicine called orthomolecular medicine. 

It is a system of medicine that uses mainly natural substances that are non-toxic and safe in wide range of doses.  It uses mainly herbs and minerals/vitamins.

Dr. Bob was a M.D. who started treating patients in the 1930’s.  This is well before penicillin and other drugs became the primary method of medical treatment.  In the days before drug medication, doctors had to rely on many natural methods to help patients.

I asked Dr. Bob what methods were used before steroids, to help irritable bowel symptoms?  He replied, ”one teaspoon of vinegar before meals.”  He said it would take 2-3 days to begin to see the improved results in most adults and children.  He said if symptoms had not improved in three days, then take another teaspoon of vinegar after meals.  Good luck.

Note – In order for these  ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, "almost all supplement companies produce poor quality." You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


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