Dr. Bob was a MD internal medicine, orthomolecular doctor, MD psychiatrist, chiropractor, and healer 65 years.  He was a diabetic who lived to 108 years with only 1 side effect 2 years before he passed away.

Many times when you have liver problems, the liver will catabolize itself.  This means it will actually use its own liver molecules to feed itself to supply energy.  In other words the liver is actually eating itself to supply energy it needs.

1.      Dr. Bob advised when you have liver problems, supplement extra B vitamins, 3-times a day. B vitamins are water-soluble and so leave the body quickly. Taking them 3-times a day replenishes them and spreads out their effects.  The B vitamins are involved with many of the aspects of energy production.  When you supplement B vitamins in a person with liver problems, often the B vitamins can help produce the energy the liver needs.  This means the liver MAY not need to catabolize itself.  Dr. Bob usually advised a B50 supplement, or a B100 supplement in more serious conditions, 3 times a day.


2.      Dr Bob advised using SAMe or we advise the supplement TMG to help restore a bad liver.  TMG can pinch-hit for SAMe.  SAMe or TMG can help reduce toxic levels of homocysteine in the bloodstream.  Dr. Bob found that liver problems often resulted in climbing levels of homocysteine.  Homocysteine is a byproduct of the amino acid methionine.  Homocysteine can become toxic when its levels become too high in the bloodstream.  If the liver is not up to par, Dr. Bob found homocysteine levels often increased.


3.      Dr. Bob advised the supplement silymarin in the AM and PM.  Dr. Bob explained that he had used silymarin for decades and found it effective.  Many supplements are promoted to help detox the liver.  Dr. Bob advised, “if it is not broke, don’t fix it.  Use silymarin for the liver.”

Note – In order for these nutritional ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, “almost all supplement companies produce poor quality.”  You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval.  Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards. 


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