Histamine is derived from the essential amino acid histidine.  Histamine is an important immune system chemical.  In the initial stages of an immune response, histamine amplifies the immune response by increasing capillary permeability and smooth muscle contraction.  This enhances the flow of immune factors to the area of infection.  Subsequently, histamine exerts a suppressive effect on the accumulated white blood cells in an attempt to contain the inflammatory response.    

Orthomolecular medicine is a system of medicine practiced by MD’s in over 45 countries in the world.  It is a system of medicine using mainly natural substances, non-toxic, and safe in a wide range of dose.  It uses mainly herbs and vitamins/minerals.  There is an increasing concern with the safety of antihistamine medications.  Drugs are toxic.  Orthomolecular medicine offers natural methods to deal with high histamine levels.    

The leader of orthomolecular medicine is Abram Hoffer, MD, and Ph.D.  He has organized orthomolecular conferences for decades, including key speakers on cutting edge orthomolecular developments. He annually hosts an orthomolecular conference, which features keynote speakers.  Dr K. Wenzel was a keynote speaker at the annual 29th orthomolecular conference held in the year 2000.  He has been an orthomolecular doctor for 25 years in Germany.  Dr. Wenzel has treated and observed high histamine levels in patients for several decades.  The following information is from his keynote speech.  The information offered by Dr. Wenzel was mainly his own clinical experience and observations over the past several decades.  Dr. Wenzel did not give permission and has no knowledge that ideas from his keynote speech are being used on RUWC web site. 

Dr. Wenzel's observations of symptoms for high histamine: 

1.       You can test for high histamine levels.

2.       Rapid metabolism, which can often result in a lean body.

3.       Warm hands and feet.

4.       A lot of salvia, which can often result in excellent teeth.

5.       A lot of perspiration.

6.       High libido and easy organism.

7.       Pain sensitive.

8.       Stomach problem.

9.       Frequent cold and allergies.

10.   Chronic insomnia- need little sleep.

11.   Scarcely reacts to drugs and alcohol.  Dr Wenzel speculates that the drugs and alcohol are a method to self-medicate.  Drugs and alcohol can help reduce histamine levels.

12.   Chronic depression, perfectionist, and/or power worker. 

If you have many of these symptoms, you may have high histamine levels.  You can see a doctor and get laboratory analysis to determine your histamine levels.   

Dr. Wenzel’s methods to help reduce high histamine levels: 

1.      Folate acid can increase histamine, therefore consider not using supplements and foods containing folate acid. 

2.      Eat a low protein diet.  Histidine is an amino acid.  Eating a low protein diet reduces the amount of histidine you consume.  Histamine is derived from histidine; thus lower levels of histidine can result in lower levels of histamine.

3.      Vegetarian diet is better, since less histamine in vegetables.

4.      Avoid sugar.

5.      Consume low alcohol.

6.      Dr. Wenzel often found chromium; zinc, manganese, and vitamin B6 were deficient.  Thus, consider asking your doctor for laboratory testing for chromium, zinc, manganese, and vitamin B6 levels.  If they are out of balance, consider appropriate supplementation to reestablish balance.

7.      Supplement the amino acid methionine or glycine.  They can inhibit histidine. 

Dr. Bob is mentioned many times on this web site.  Dr. Bob was a MD internal medicine, orthomolecular doctor, MD psychiatrist, chiropractor, and healer 65 years.  He was a diabetic who lived to 108 years with only 1 side effect 2 years before he passed away.  

The following are the methods Dr. Bob used for high histamine levels: 

1.      Supplement between ½  gram - 1 gram of the amino acid methionine in the AM.  After 5 days, stop it for 4 days.  If needed, resume a 5-day cycle of use and a 4-day cycle you stop.  The time you stop helps to replenish and rejuvenate the bodies’ ability to process methionine.   During acute stress, take between ½ gram - 1 gram daily, until no longer needed.

2.      Supplement 150 mg N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) in the AM.  NAC helps decrease mucous.

3.      Supplement OKG.  OKG produces arginine in the body.  Arginine competes with histidine for amino transport.  Competition with arginine for amino transport can inhibit histidine, which can lead to lower levels of histamine.  Dr. Bob advised OKG instead of arginine for supplementation.  OKG can produce arginine in the body.  OKG is an ammonia scavenger and supplementing amino acids can increase excess free ammonia in the body.  Excess free ammonia can be harmful.  OKG has the double duty of supplying arginine and scavenging ammonia.  Furthermore, OKG can supply more arginine in the body than arginine supplementation.  The book Optimal Sports Nutrition, written by one of the world’s most renowned nutritional scientists, Dr. Michael Colgan, states "alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) acts in the body as an ammonia scavenger.  Ornithine also acts as an ammonia scavenger.  The combination of the two (OKG) is a potent way to reduce your ammonia burden (Page 377)."  Also the ammonia scavenging property of AKG is doubly beneficial because excess free ammonia can be harmful.  Dr. Colgan on ketoisocaproate, "Studies on patients who have been put into a high catabolic, high ammonia condition by surgery or disease, show that ketoisocaproate acts as a strong ammonia scavenger." Page 380)."  So AKG can help produce glutamine and scavenge ammonia.  Dr. Bob recommended ¼ to ½ gram in the AM and PM.  Cycle along with methionine.

4.      Supplement the form of niacin called inositol hexanicotinate.  It can cross the blood brain barrier more effectively than niacin.  It has no flush, while niacin has a flush.  Niacin can increase cell membrane permeability.  Increasing cell permeability can improve the ability of supplements to penetrate into cells.  Dr. Bob advised 100 mg of hexanicotinate in the AM along with methionine supplementation. 

5.      Supplement ½ to ¾ hour before meals.  Wait 3 hours after eating protein, before using the supplements described in this article.  The protein may compete with the supplements, inhibiting them.

6.      Do not supplement lysine.  Lysine also competes with histidine for amino transport, thus can inhibit it.  Dr Bob advised that OKG produced less ammonia than lysine and also scavenged ammonia.  Lysine produces a lot of ammonia.  Therefore Dr. Bob said OKG was more efficient than lysine, to inhibit histidine. 

7.      Supplement ion-exchange whey protein concentrate for some of your protein needs.  Decrease protein meats and diary products.  Whey is a predigested 98% high quality protein product, meaning it supplies about 98% of the protein you need.  It is low toxic. Dr. Colgan explains, "During evolution humans developed the separate gut system to absorb dipeptides and tripeptides (amino acids, the building blocks of protein, linked together as two or three amino acid bonds) for very special reasons.  When two or more aminos are joined together they carry information.  That information causes physiological responses that do not occur to single (information-less) aminos."  One important point is the separate gut system.  The separate gut system bypasses normal digestion and therefore spares many of the processes of digestion.  This will lead to less toxic waste products, making protein supplementation with whey more efficient and a far less strain on the kidneys.  Also has described, whey powder, which contains amino acids linked together as two or three amino acid bonds, carries information, which makes the amino acids help the body work more efficiently.  

Recommendations from RUWC web site: 

1.       1-2 grams in AM and PM of vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps regulate white blood cells.  The more efficient white blood cells, the more likely that immune response to histamine will be more controlled.  Increasing the efficiency of the immune system is a method that can help control histamine responses.

2.       Natural sources of histidine include rice, wheat, and rye.  Consider not eating foods containing histidine

3.       Consider the supplement TMG.  It helps to increase methionine levels in the body.

4.       Orthomolecular doctors have offered the observation in other keynote speeches at the annual orthomolecular conferences hosted by Abram Hoffer, vitamin B12 can increase histamine levels. Consult with a nutritional specialist if you have high histamine levels and are considering supplementing vitamin B-12

5.       Consider asking your doctor for laboratory analysis of your calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium levels.  Calcium and magnesium control many of the responses of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  Immune responses that over respond, as in the cases of high histamine levels, can overly stimulate the sympathetic system and inhibit the parasympathetic system.  You can help to regulate both systems by establishing proper calcium-magnesium ratios. Potassium and sodium are cofactors of magnesium and calcium and are important to have them laboratory analyzed.  Regulating these minerals can have an effect on regulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic system.  Consult with a nutritional expert on appropriate supplementation to reestablish proper mineral balance if tests show improper levels.  If you can improve regulation of both systems, then you may help inhibit some of the overly stimulated immune responses that can occur with high histamine levels.

6.       If you supplement magnesium, then consult with a nutritional specialist to supplement vitamin B6.  B6 is a cofactor of magnesium.  If you supplement vitamin B6, consult a nutritional specialist to supplement magnesium, a cofactor of vitamin B6.

7.       Consider drinking 12 glasses of distilled water to help detox and support your kidneys.

8.       Consider natural methods to ensure 2 or more bowel movements each day.  This will help improve detox.  Detox is needed from histamine and the effects that result from high histamine levels.  You can read the article, “Constipation,” for ideas on using natural methods to produce bowel movements. 

In conclusion, there are natural methods to help control histamine levels.  Natural methods often take several weeks to several months to become effective.  You are increasing the health of cells and this is a process that takes time.   You are building better cells.  Good luck. 

Note – In order for these nutritional ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, “almost all supplement companies produce poor quality.”  You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval.  Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.  


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