The brain ages first, followed by the aging of the body.  Anti-aging methods should consider anti-brain aging of primary importance.  The developing science of neuroactive steroids can help explain the great value of anti-brain aging.  Regulating the neurosteroids may be one of the first steps in considering anti-aging methods.  Imbalance or balance of the brain will influence all other health aspects.

A.       Neuroactive steroids – Steroids that accumulate in the brain and regulate neuronal function.  The study of neuroactive steroids is a developing science.  Neuroactive steroids in physiological concentrations regulate neuronal function through their concurrent influence on transmitter-gated ion channels and gene expression. (1) They help modulate and balance the central nervous system.  Progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA and metabolites made from them are vital neuroactive steroids of the central nervous system that accumulate in the brain after local synthesis or after metabolism of adrenal steroids.  You can check with a hormonal specialist to laboratory test your progesterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA levels.  If the levels are improper consider hormone replacement therapy to restore levels to optimal low youthful levels.  Many hormonal specialists consider normal ranges adequate for laboratory measurements of hormones.  You should find hormonal specialists, who consider restoring hormone levels back to optimal low youthful levels, since this may result in optimal benefits.  A group of doctors called the A-4 anti-aging doctors are tested on the cutting edge ideas of the hormonal sciences before they can become A-4 doctors.  We recommend them.  Their national phone number is 773-528-4333.

B.       The mounting evidence is neuroactive steroids help modulate the effects of the neural inhibitory neurotransmitter (chemical messengers of the brain) GABA.  GABA helps control neural excitability.  There may be several other compounds that enhance GABA effects.  In supplement form they are the B vitamins niacinamide and inositol, and the inhibitory amino acid taurine. Orthomolecular medicine is a system of medicine practiced by medical MD’s throughout the world.  It is a system of medicine that uses mainly vitamins/minerals and herbs.  It mainly uses natural substances that are non-toxic and are safe in a wide range of dose.  Orthomolecular methods of building up doses of these compounds is described in the article, “Anxiety/Panic Attacks,” in the section of the site directory called ‘mood disorders’.

C.       The hormone pregnenolone contains the highest amounts of hormones in the brain.  The infinite wisdom of creation suggests pregnenolone is important in the brain, as the hormone present in the greatest quantities.  Pregnenolone-derived neurosteroids positively modulate the GABA (A) receptor complex.  Pregnenolone can be considered to enhance and modulate GABA (2) (3).  Check with a hormonal specialist on pregnenolone supplementation.

D.       The hormone progesterone is involved with neuroactive steroids that modulate and enhance GABA (3).  Consult with a hormonal specialist such as an A-4 doctor.  Men may also need progesterone.


The brain ages first, followed by the aging of the body.  The neurosteroids are vital in anti-aging of the brain.  Consider measuring the primary neurosteroids and maintaining optimal youth levels.


Note – Men can consider laboratory testing for progesterone.  Men and women both need balanced correct levels for each sex.


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