Method to Balance Hormones

Dr. Bob�s Ideas on Children

Life Partner ~ Psychic Understanding



Understanding Brain Aging ~ Oxygen Utilization

Stronger Muscles ~ Parkinson�s  

Autism ~ ADHD ~ Constipation

The Necessity of Vitamin B5 and Anti-Aging of the Brain Tissue

Irritable Bowel Symptoms ~ Orthomolecular Treatment

Selenium ~ 50% Reduction In Overall Cancer Mortality

Autism ~ Diarrhea

Diabetes ~ Food Allergies ~ Acid pH

Oral Progesterone Ineffective

Sleep ~ Catabolism

The Value of Muscle in the Diabetic Condition

Water Retention & Edema of Pregnancy

Eating Cheese can be Dangerous in Parkinson�s Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Children ~ Hyperactivity  

Estrogen Replacement Therapy - Oral or Transdermal?

Eating Aged Cheese can Be Dangerous In Diabetes

High Blood Pressure


Hepatitis B

Liver Problems



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