As we age, hormone levels often decline or become imbalanced.  Especially past the age of 35 years, hormonal imbalances begin to show up.  Many times these imbalances can be corrected by restoring hormone levels to youthful optimal levels.

Often progesterone replacement therapy is given to women, especially in combination with estrogen replacement therapies.  There are different forms of progesterone replacement therapy, mainly oral and transdermal (creams).

The liver metabolizes progesterone to several compounds.  Therefore, when you orally use progesterone, it will pass through the liver, before it reaches the bloodstream.  The liver will metabolize it, making it ineffective.  One possibility for oral compounds that have progestational activities are compounds that avoid the liver, (Robert K. Murray, MD, Ph.D., Daryl K. Granmer, MD, Peter A. Mayes, Ph.D., D.Sc., Victor W. Fodwell, Ph.D., Harper's Biochemistry, twenty-fifth edition.  Appleton & Lance, Stanford, Connecticut, 2000.)

Therefore, according to the latest biochemical science, oral progesterone may be ineffective.  Since many cancers are related to estrogen imbalance and excess estrogen, and since progesterone helps control estrogen levels and imbalance, ineffective progesterone therapy can result in grave problems.  Thus, women should question oral progesterone prescriptions, and search for hormone specialists that prescribe creams and other methods of progesterone therapy besides oral.  This can be a life and death decision. 

In conclusion, we advise progesterone cream in many articles contained on this web site.  The method using transdermal cream, bypasses the liver, and thus it can enter the bloodstream and be effective.

Note – progesterone pellets mimic progesterone transdermal cream by entering the bloodstream and bypassing the liver.  However, their effectiveness in the United States has not yet been proven to result in stable and appropriate progesterone effects.

Good luck.

Note – In order for these nutritional ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, “almost all supplement companies produce poor quality.”  You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval.  Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards. 


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