What To Do When Blood Sugar Rises Above 300

Every diabetic should have a game plan when blood sugar rises above 300. Almost all diabetics will get some wild blood sugar fluctuations on occasion. Infections, poor eating, stress from the environment, stress from activity, stress from psychological aspects, and many other situations may result in wild blood sugar fluctuations.

Therefore a diabetic needs to preplan what to do for dangerously high blood sugar levels. The first idea to keep in mind is blood sugar levels over 300 are dangerous. The reason there is danger are the stresses within the body are multiplied as you get into these higher ranges. This is explained in the article on this web site called "Understanding Diabetic Blood Sugar Fluctuations When Sick." The key point in the article is when the body is under a high degree of stress, cortisol is continuously produced to combat this state of emergency in the body. Blood sugar is poured out into the bloodstream along with cortisol. At first the body attempts to localize problems. If the problems continue this overworks the body. Eventually the entire body, all the organs and systems become involved. This leads to more cortisol and blood sugar being pumped into the body. Finally breakdowns can begin unless this downward spiral of events is stopped. Even when this spiral has stopped you still have many problems in recovery. For example, the adrenals can be swollen, the immune system depressed, there can be shrinkage of the thymus, shrinkage of the spleen, and shrinkage of the lymph nodes and many other problems that occur in recovery.

The point is 300 blood sugar levels involve the entire body and endanger all the organs and systems. The first thing a diabetic can consider is activity. There should probably be none and instead the diabetic might consider relaxing and resting. Activity, going to work, going outside in all kinds of weather, eating poorly, and so on, are all additional stresses to the body. A diabetic above 300 blood sugar levels cannot afford additional stress. This may lead to more cortisol being pumped into the bloodstream and continuing the cycle of more blood sugar released along with the cortisol. This can overwork the organs and systems in the body. So rest and relax and do not risk your health. Call the doctor immediately. There should be a plan for this occurrence of dangerously high blood sugar levels.

One idea, we at DiabetezeKontrol suggest, is to use DiabetezeKontrol, a mainly herbal and vitamin/mineral product that we offer on this web site to help control blood sugar levels. Using DiabetezeKontrol, diabetics have lost 50-150 points in 4 to 6 weeks and in some instances more rapidly. In addition, blood sugar over 300 is adding stress to the detox system and immune system of the body. DiabetezeKontrol has several aspects that aid the detox and immune system. Additionally, blood sugar over 300 increases stress throughout the entire body. This can lead to side effects. Some of these side effects are nerve problems to the hands and feet, heart problems, dehydration (going to the bathroom too much), kidney problems, and others. DiabetezeKontrol has added natural substances that may help many of these conditions.

There are a few ideas that a diabetic may consider with his doctor. This web site contains an article called "Semi emergency treatment" in the section called "Diabetic Tips." Basically one thing you can do as described in this article is to drink lots of water to pass blood sugar right out of the body. Make sure the water is distilled water because that is pure water. Bottled water and tap water are not pure and contain toxins. In an emergency state of blood sugar levels above 300, a diabetic does not need additional stress to the body from water containing toxins. Discuss these ideas with your doctor.

Another thing you can do and this is a treatment that some doctors and hospitals already use, is the method of substituting glucose for carbohydrates at a hospital where you can constantly be monitored. This web site contains an article called "Emergency Treatment For Skyrocketing Blood Sugar" that describes this method. This may bring blood sugar down fast. This is a treatment you should discuss with your doctor. Remember, the longer you stay above 300, the greater is the damage to the body and the greater is the chance of irreversible damage. So you need a doctor who knows what to do when blood sugar is over 300. If your doctor does not know then look and find one who does know. The time may come when your blood sugar level rises above 300 and the chances of grave damage are greater the longer these high levels remain. If you cannot find a doctor who knows what to do when blood sugar is above 300 then look for an orthomolecular doctor. The web site www.restoreunity.org has a list of orthomolecular doctors or use the Internet search engines. The orthomolecular doctors should be able to help you on the glucose treatment.

Understand that your body fights the damage from stress with antioxidants. If you are taking DiabetezeKontrol you are already getting many of the antioxidants needed, by diabetics, for damage from stress. In addition, DiabetezeKontrol product has natural substances that help improve immunity, something a diabetic needs all the time, but especially when sick. DiabetezeKontrol can help reduce the stress from cortisol and blood sugar fluctuations by aiding the body to regulate glucose metabolism. Also an additional antioxidant that is highly potent in the body is Pycnogenol and we recommend you find a doctor who understands the value of Pycnogenol and other antioxidants. The doctor should probably recommend a dose that is a little higher than usual because the emergency situation going on requires more antioxidants than a situation that is stable. Antioxidants are like ammunition is to a gun. The gun may be a fine work of craftsmanship, but unless it can be loaded with ammunition it cannot be used. Therefore diabetics need to load their body with antioxidants and in particular when blood sugar rises above 300.

There is another supplement we recommend you discuss with your doctor. It is called CoQ10. This is a natural substance to the body that has many benefits. In relation to sugar levels above 300, CoQ10 has the ability to create peak immune function for a 24-hour period. This may be an excellent idea to consider with your doctor since sugar levels over 300 usually depress immunity. The dose is vital since too little will not do enough work and do much for this substance can be harmful. A usual dose for a well woman can be 60mg and a man 100mg, each day. Because there is a stressful situation a knowledgeable doctor may even go slightly higher in dose until the emergency is over and blood sugar has dropped back to normal ranges for the diabetic.

In conclusion, when your blood sugar is above 300 stay at home unless you leave to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Activity, the environment, psychological stress, poor nutrition, and other factors can increase the rising dangers for blood sugar above 300. Therefore eliminate these additional stresses and remain resting. If you know how to meditate or you have any special things you can do to bring down stress then preplan them for the time your sugar levels get above 300. Work with a doctor who knows how to bring sugar down, aside from increasing insulin. There are doctors who are knowledgeable in natural methods to bring blood sugar down and you should not be satisfied with a doctor unless he has this ability. Your well being is in great danger and your doctor can be the difference.

Note – In order for these anti-aging ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, "almost all supplement companies produce poor quality." You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


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